A Game of Pictionary Ends in the Sweetest Double Proposal

They both had a secret they were keeping from each other — they just didn’t know it was the same one. After Tori and Berkley separately discussed their plans to get down on one knee with Berkley’s mom, Kristy, Kristy devised the ultimate proposal plan that would have them each popping the question on the same night in front of their friends and family. Over a game of Pictionary, Berkley was at the drawing board trying to get Tori to guess the word marry. After Tori finally blurted it out, Berkley turned her back to the group to fill in the blanks, ready to put her proposal into action.

But just then, Tori quickly dropped to one knee behind her with a ring box in her hands, and when Berkley turned around to pop the question, she was completely stunned to see Tori had beat her to it. While Tori was still on one knee, Berkley grabbed the box she had hid next to the couch just inches away and revealed that she had the exact same plan. Laughter ensued, and the girls, of course, said yes! Luckily, their family was clued in and caught the double proposal on camera.

Double proposal playing Pictionary 😭 so amazing & I’m so happy for you 2💖 this was so perfect 😭😍 @BerkleyCade @Toorriiiiiiiiii pic.twitter.com/uG7R5UIQNm

— Sydney (@33_Syd) February 11, 2018

After the rings were on, the brides-to-be later detailed how they both thought the other was catching onto their proposal idea, when really they were both so wrapped up in pulling off the perfect proposal themselves. They also later found out that they had picked the same spot to stash their ring safely before the proposal. “I put my ring in my mom’s husband’s sock drawer in a hat like inside of a sock, and hers was right next to mine in another sock, and I didn’t even know,” Berkley says with a laugh in a video they posted to YouTube. Thankfully, they managed to keep their secret until the last moments and pulled off an epic proposal that they'll always remember. Congratulations to the happy couple!

You and me will be always 💍🏳️‍🌈❤️ pic.twitter.com/UUMYAsblS9

— Berkasaurus🦖 (@BerkleyCade) February 14, 2018


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