90s Nostalgia Wedding Ideas

Nods to Nostalgia: 90s Reception Ideas

The 90s are calling. Delight guests with these throwback wedding reception ideas.

Board Game Wedding Reception

Never Board
Not all wedding guests will be eager to jump on the dance floor, so offer an activity that sparks trips down memory lane. “Guests can mingle and reminisce with games like Uno or other mini-games that don’t require ample table space,” says Kevin Dennis, owner of Fantasy Sound Event Service. | Photo by Amy Ann Photography

Ice, Ice Baby

If you’re having a summer wedding, a wonderful way to give a nod to your younger self is by serving up snow cones as your dessert. And for your adult self, Alexis Alexander, owner of Alexis Raine Events in California even recommends adding a clever cocktail twist: “You could have a shaved ice station with various pre-mixed cocktails to pour over!”

Polaroid Cameras for Weddings

Candid Captures

Consider placing Polaroid cameras on the reception tables. Dennis has seen this trend become popular idea in recent years. “Supply Polaroid cameras, film, and some permanent markers along with a box so guests can take photos of themselves, sign the Polaroid with a lovely note, and drop it in the box for safe keeping,” he says. “Then, you and your spouse can look at the photos after the wedding and have some film to accompany your professional wedding photos!”

Slap Bracelet Escort Cards 90s Inspired Wedding Ideas

Escort Cards That Slap

If slap bracelets were your jam back in the day, consider having them in place of escort cards. “Not only will this give a nostalgic experience, but no one will ever forget where they are sitting since they are wearing their table number,” says planner Diane Kolanović-Šolaja of Dee Kay Events.  | Photo by Amy Caroline Photo

Audio Guestbook for Weddings

Leave a Message at the Beep

Countless companies now specialize in rotary phones that replace the traditional “guestbook.” How it works is they ship you a rotary phone in your color scheme, long cord included and all, so that your guests can pick up the phone and you leave a message. Guests can pick up the phone at any point during the reception and leave you a message that you can hear after the wedding. | Photo courtesy of FêteFone

Written by Jenn Sinrich for Love Inc. V8 issue | Cover photo cottonbro studio

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