Inspiration Video: A Swing Dance Love Story

a-kiss-from-your-lips-short-filmWe're constantly inspired by the creatives surrounding us and the love stories that are being told. This one-take swing dance story titled “A Kiss From Your Lips” was written by Jennifer Vogel and her girlfriend Allison Tate (who also produced and directed it) and follows a girl seeking love on the dance floor.

From the 50s-inspired beauty and fashion to the emotion we can all relate to of filtering through the wrong people until you finally meet The One, this love film gives us all sorts of warm fuzzies. Check out the full video after the jump. 

“Our shared passion is swing dancing and this story reflects so many of our experiences — longing looks, dancing with the wrong person, being approached by guys, when all we want is to dance together,” explains Jennifer. “We wrote a love story about two young ladies in the 50s who were terrified to love one another, but couldn't keep it a secret any longer. In a moment of bravery they connect on the dance floor, and the rest of the world melts away.”