#BrewTheLove: 5 Breakfast-in-Bed Engagement Shoot Tips

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Frothy cappuccinos, stacks of pancakes and cozy blankets, it's easy to see why breakfast-in-bed is one of my favorite dates. With Valentine's Day landing on a Saturday, I love the idea of skipping the fine dining scene for a more casual celebration. So much so that Love Inc. has partnered with Keurig to send our blogger buddies (hey Budget Savvy Bride and H&H Weddings!) their latest brewing system, the Rivo espresso machine, which turns your kitchen into your favorite cafe. (Keurig also treated me to a morning meal surprise — you can see the damage I did on some pancakes over on our Instagram.) Lattes, cappuccino, machiattos … the options with the Rivo are endless. And what goes better with breakfast in bed than your favorite roast?

Breakfast in bed is also one of my favorite engagement shoot ideas (is there anything more adorable than flirty pillow fights?) and the natural morning light is ideal for capturing luminescent love. Thinking of going to breakfast-in-bed route for your e-sesh? Be sure to read our tips, ranging from food choices to your wardrobe, after the jump:

  1. Food photography: Unlike the typical e-sesh, food photography plays a big role for breakfast-in-bed shoots. Pick a meal that will look good on camera. We give thumbs up to yogurt topped with granola and fruits, waffles/pancakes, croissants/muffins and fresh fruit. Thumbs down: eggs, breakfast meats, hashbrowns.
  2. Attire: You want to look the part but still keep it classy with tasteful robes, sophisticated lingerie, v-neck tees and pajama pants — keep it simple and real.
  3. Styling: At-home photo shoots are always a challenge because you have to turn your home into a mini set. Less is more (let your love take center stage!) in this case — a couple of knickknacks on the bedside table and some fresh flowers are all you need.
  4. Balance: Your bedding and attire should balance each other out. Does wintery plaid sheets dress your bed? Be sure to go neutral with your outfit. Soft pastel lingerie looks dreamy with bright white sheets, patterned sheets with solid clothing or vice versa …
  5. Keep It PG: We're all for smooches under the sheets but be sure to keep it tasteful and grandparent-approved.

Photo credit: Scarlett O'Neill Photography via Style Me Pretty

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