15 Lesbian Pride Flag Wedding Ideas

Show your pride with these fun and festive lesbian pride flag wedding ideas.

The Sunset Lesbian Pride Flag is a joyful celebration of the lesbian community, and we can’t think of a color scheme better suited for a wedding than these amazing oranges, pinks, and magentas. Designed by nonbinary lesbian Emily Gwen in 2018, the seven-stripe flag is an exuberant expression of womanhood, community, and love.

Each stripe carries an important meaning, beginning with orange standing for gender nonconformity; then coral signifying independence, and pale orange symbolic of community. In the middle is a white stripe which stands for the unique relationship to womanhood that lesbians have. Below this, a pinkish-purple stripe denotes serenity and peace; followed by darker purple which indicates love and sex. Finally, a deep magenta represents femininity.

While there are multiple lesbian pride flags widely used around the world, each with their own significant history and place, Gwen’s design is currently the most commonly used and we love how much fun it is to use these colors throughout your décor, flowers, and style choices.


Set the tone right off the bat with these fun invitations. We love that they bring in multiple shades found in the flag without looking like little flags. Downloadable template available for $14.99 from Etsy


There’s no shortage of flowers in shades of tangerine and fuchsia to bring pride colors into your wedding, but we really love the natural ombre look of these snap dragons. They make a lovely bouquet, and stand tall to make for amazing table decorations as well. Available for $2.90 per stem by Flower Moxie

Getting-Ready Pajamas

These beautiful silk pajamas will keep you and your wedding party feeling festive and comfortable while you get ready, and will make such memorable pictures. Bonus, it comes in various patterns — stripes, camo and zigzag — in case you want to mix-and-match. Available for $39.90 from Etsy


We’re always a sucker for a fun, colorful petticoat. We love the ombre look of this custom-made piece. Each layer is finished with ribbon and can be made to your specific measurements. Available for $251 from Etsy

Wedding Bands

The oranges and sapphires on this 14-carat ring are beautiful and an understated way to literally show off your pride every day. Available by Selin Kent for $1,650

Wedding Shoes

Carrie Bradshaws rejoice! These fuchsia/paprika Jimmy Choo heels are a perfect pop of color to compliment your wedding-wear! Available for $995 from Bloomingdale's

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns add soft ambiance to any venue. We especially love the romantic shades of these peach bamboo lanterns in mixed shapes and shades. Four-piece set available for $23.80 on Etsy


What a pretty gift for a wedding party as a great keepsake and a lovely nod to the flag. Pretty on its own, this bracelet would also look amazing by stacking multiple of them on your wrist. Available for $14.99 from Etsy

Flag Toothpicks

There are a million uses for these cute flag toothpicks, which would be fun on anything from cocktails to cupcakes! We can even see them becoming fun photo props as the night goes on! Set of 50 available for $4.31 from Gay Pride Shop

Skinny Silk Necktie

This silk necktie is so pretty and would great with a tailored suit. We can see this tie working with in a relaxed outdoor ceremony, or formal affair, or even worn by the whole wedding party. Available for $15.88 from Etsy

Wedding Favors

Soap makes for a great wedding favor to cap off a scent-sational celebration, and these lesbian pride flag ones are almost too pretty to put to use! Available for $8.25 on Etsy

First Dance Keepsake and Guest Book

This beautiful print of the song lyrics from your first dance would also make an amazing guest book with friends and family either signing the print itself, or a print of the flag to frame and hang with it. Customized downloadable PDF available for $8.99 on Etsy

Two Piece Bathing Suit

Suit up for your honeymoon in this fun, sporty bikini! Available for $39.99 on Etsy

Pride Napkins

Stock the bar with these lesbian pride cocktail napkins we found on Zazzle. Set of 50 for $46 available from Zazzle

Pride Sprinkles

This fun set of lesbian pride sprinkles would be fun used so many ways! From topping wedding cakes, to putting around the rim of a cocktail glass, to sprinkling throughout a cookie or donut bar, they give everyone an extra shot of serotonin! Available for $12.37 on Etsy


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Written by Erin Sernoffsky | Photo via Queerty


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