Out Loud Greetings Offers Adorable Cards for Same-Sex Couples

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

It goes without saying that there is a serious lack of equality down the greeting card aisle at your local store, which is why I always get overly excited when I hear of stationery companies making an extra effort to create designs that are inclusive. Started by Ryan LeMere, Out Loud Greetings is a small greeting card business in Brooklyn, N.Y., that started when LeMere couldn't find any cards suitable to send his long-distant boyfriend. “I realized the only cards I wanted to, or really could, give to him were ones i made myself.”

“There is a real lack of authenticity in the world of same-sex greeting cards and I think it's about time that my boyfriend and I can walk into a store and not feel alienated by the lack of choices we have on the shelves,” continues LeMere. “Right now we don't really fit in anywhere.”


The whimsical illustrations cover occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and everyday love. “The cards are about celebrating love, diversity and partnerships of all backgrounds,” says LeMere. “I believe whole-heartedly that the cards we produce are something the community does not have enough of and that their exposure would mean so much to many people.” Coming from a wedding guest‘s point-of-view, the more options I have to choose from to congratulate my just-married friends that aren't rainbow-colored or dull, neutral greetings, the better.

Out Loud Greetings is hoping to take it to the next step of the printing process by showcasing at stationery shows and producing on a much larger scale. To help the small business grow, they've created a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funds for the company.


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