DIY Succulent Wall

Easy 7-Step Succulent Wall DIY for a Big-Impact Design (with Little Effort!)

I am all about creating those big-impact-little-effort moments, and succulent walls are the perfect example. This little DIY beauty shared by is so easy to create and is extremely versatile — you can use it as a ceremony backdrop, an escort card display, even a photobooth backdrop! Mix and match different box sizes and succulent types to create a truly one-of-a-kind display. It does take 4-12 weeks to set, so be sure to allot enough time before hanging it up.


Glue Gun
Staple Gun
Chicken Wire
Landscape Plastic
diy-succulent-wall-tipDIY Succulent Wall Materials

Succulent Wall DIY Steps

Step 1: Fit landscape plastic inside box. Cut the plastic larger than the box so that it covers all four sides.

Step 2: Hot glue plastic to the box and trim the excess. 

Step 3: Fill the box with damp moss. 

Step 4: Cut and staple mesh to fit the box. 

Step 5: Prune the succulent roots. 

Step 6: Plant the succulents. Start with the bigger ones and then fill in the gaps with the smaller ones.

Step 7: Wait 4-12 weeks and then hang your garden!

diy-succulent-wall-steps-1Succulent Typesdiy-succulent-wall-steps
wedding-diy-succulent-wallDIY Wedding Succulent Wall

Succulent Wall DIY

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