Sameena and Bem’s Dramatic Brassaii Restaurant Engagement Shoot

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Everything about Sameena and Bem's engagement shoot exudes “meant-to-be,” from their first blind date down to their collaboration with Lisa Mark Photography. After spotting the gorgeous interior of Toronto‘s Brassaii restaurant on a Canadian television show, this talented photographer instantly added this hot spot to her shoot location wish list. Enter Sameena and Bem, who desired an e-sesh locale with dramatic lighting and urban ambiance. Being that the couple had already held their engagement party at Brassaii (and absolutely loved it), it just made perfect sense to have their session there. Talk about a match made in heaven and dreams coming true for everyone involved! It's only mere coincidence that Sameena and Bem's happiness and passion can be summed up by a neon sign on the restaurant's wall that reads: “Love me till I'm me again.”

The Love Story

In this case, Sameena's aunt (who works with Bem) played matchmaker and caught her a pretty great catch. Sameena and Bem's initial skepticism was no match for this matchmaker, who's persistence led to an exchange of pictures, e-mail addresses, texts, phone calls and finally, the blind date. Sameena tells us, “I think we both knew before we actually met in person. Seems silly, but it's true!”

The Proposal

Three years later in late September, the couple planned a trip to White Oak Resort and Spa for Bem's birthday weekend. Sameena had a gut feeling something would happen on the trip, but the birthday boy managed to keep her on her toes. The couple was led by two massage therapists into a serene candle-lit room for their side-by-side couple's massage. Amidst the calm and relaxation, Sameena began to notice the touch of familiar hands giving her a loving, transporting scalp massage. “Little did I know that Bem had pre-arranged the whole thing and had just taken over for the masseuse! After a few minutes of bliss, I heard a soft whisper in my ear. It was Bem, letting me know how much he loved me. I opened my eyes, turned around and sat up, and there he was on his knee! We were totally alone in this romantic room with soft music and candlelight. I was totally caught off guard. As soon as I started to realize what was happening, I started crying my eyes out. I never thought I would be that emotional, but I couldnā€™t control myself. Once my eyes cleared, I couldnā€™t stop laughing because when he took off his robe, he was fully dressed in a suit!” The couple was overwhelmed with happiness, and the exchange of words and emotions (plus some laughter) is something that will stay with them always.

The Ring

“I absolutely love my ring! I love the shared setting style and was not expecting it to be so beautiful … or so big! He designed it himself and really did an amazing job.”


Wedding Date: June 7, 2014


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