Life Happens: Because wedding planning isn't always pinterest perfect

Life Happens: Gown Shopping Nightmare

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Wedding planning isn’t always Pinterest-perfect. There are bumps (hell, sometimes sinkholes!) along the way. And that’s okay because ultimately these obstacles bring you and your fiancé/e closer together.

By Amy

Life Happens: Because wedding planning isn't always pinterest perfect

When I went shopping for my wedding dress, I was expecting it to be this magical experience where I slipped into The One, pranced out in front of my mom, two sisters and best friend, and everyone would applause between sips of Champagne as the stylists placed the perfect veil over my head to complete the look. That’s what happens on Bravo, right?

It was a nightmare.

I would fall in love with a dress in the fitting room and then was easily swayed when one or more of my team of “helpers” didn’t like it. It didn’t matter if the gown had brought me to happy tears two seconds before. Everyone was easily offended when I didn’t take their suggestions (“No Mother, ball gowns aren’t my style!”) and not to mention, there was no trace of bubbly beverages.

I ended up leaving the salon empty handed and with low self-esteem.

Luckily, my recently married friend (who wasn’t on the original shopping trip) advised me to go dress shopping by myself because when you have an opinionated family, there certainly can be too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to dress shopping. I ended up falling in love with a similar gown I had loved the first time around, and was able to surprise everyone on the big day.

I loved it and my fiancée loved it. Which is really the only thing that matters.

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