Flower Calendar: Fall Edition

Using arrangements of seasonal flowers can be an easy way to save money and match common color schemes. We’ve compiled a list of fall flowers and how they can fit into your wedding day.


Dahlias: Great for making a statement either by themselves or as part of an arrangement. Floral design by Karma Flowers, photo by Veronica Lola Photography.


Delphimium: A tall accent flower that will add a splash of blue to any arrangement. Photo by Paul Loftland Photography.


Freesias: The perfect, delicate filler flowers for any bouquet or centerpiece. Photo by Kat Forsyth Photography.


Kangaroo Paw: These blooms come in a range of earth tones, and add both complementary greenery and a splash of earthy color to a bouquet or bout. Floral design by Honey and Poppies, photography by Birds of a Feather Photo.


Lilies: Adding lilies to neutral arrangements provides a subtle contrast in texture that adds an elegant flair. Floral design by Lindsay Rae Design, photo by Rylee Hitchner Photography.


Orchids: These perennials come in many different varieties, but each plant can stand alone as a delicate, striking centerpiece or be blended into a larger bouquet to add shape. Floral design by By Yena Designs, photo by Mark Stephen Kornbluth Photography.


Stephanotis: Adding almost an Art Deco texture to any bouquet, these traditional wedding flowers (whose meaning is “marital happiness”) are also great as filler flowers. Photo by Flower Factor/Flickr.

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